vendredi 12 février 2016

Make Up Tutorial : Valentine's Day

jeudi 11 février 2016

We Love: Irresistible Me

Hello girls !

I’ve recently been reached by the brand Irresistible Me and was asked to try their product.
Irresistible Me  offers various hair products to add length to your own hair or tools to curl/straighten them. 

I was lucky to try out Royal Remy hair clip extensions in Medium brown, 18inches long and 200g. Irresistible Me Hair proposes a lot of hair colors and length (14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 inches = 35, 40, 45,) and the weight can be chosen between 100-140-200g (if you take 200g, you will have more mass hair than 100g ;) ). You can chose synthetic or natural hair, but I recommend natural hair so you will be able to style them as you want !

My package was a little bit late due to the custom duty (sometimes in Switzerland, they can be really annoying). When I opened it, I was surprised to see how good it was packed up, with two compartments – one for the big hair and a little one for smaller section hair AHAH ! They also give 2 « free » clips, in case some broke or if you want to add some more. The hair is way too good !!! 
Silky, smooth, shiny and the perfect color for my hair ! Of course, as I died them in blond-blue-lilac-grey before, I had to do a hair dye (I just checked at the Medium brown thumbnail on their website and refered to it). Can’t you tell, it’s amazing how my real hair merges into the extensions ??!? I absolutely love it !

It works exactly the same as if you put regular hairclip. You have to separate your hair in many parts (as much as you have/want to clip your extensions) and then you clip the hair :) THAT’S IT ! Style your hair as you want. I like to style them straight or with waves.

Of course, you can wash the clip extensions, dye them, cut them. They are real !! As I love changing hairstyles and color, Irresistible Me is the perfect match for me !

Yes ! Don’t be afraid to try, it will revolutionize your life !


Jacket – Primark / Dress – Asos Curve / Wedges – New Look


mercredi 10 février 2016

Hey, it's ok...

... to use your best handwriting in your fancy new notebook (for, ooh, about half a page)
... if you always get the chatty stranger on the bus
... to not want to share a dessert. You'll have a whole one. To yourself
... if your chopstick-usage abilities start and end at stabbing your food with them
... to view "you look cute" as an insult. Beautiful ? Sparkling ? Like Angelina Jolie's long-lost sister ? Those are compliments
... if the glass of wine you order in a restaurant seems tiny compared to the one you pour yourself at home
... if the word "networking" gives you the fear
... to set your out-of-office email response the day before your vacation starts
... if every time you switch handbags, you^re guaranteed to forget your work pass/keys/purse, every damn time
... to save funny Tweet ideas on your phone to use at a later date
... if you've just lost another pair of gloves !