jeudi 2 juillet 2015

Coffee time with Jacobs !

Hey hey !

Il y a quelques jours, j’ai testé le nouveau café JACOBS « Momente » en capsule.

Même par cette chaleur, j’ai trouvé l’envie de déguster un bon café et je n’ai pas été déçue ! Sous forme de capsule en plastique compatible avec la machine Nespresso, son goût délicat mais quand même soutenu a tout d’un grand café. (Disponible dans le commerce).

Ce que j’ai le plus aimé, c’est lorsque j’ai ouvert la dosette et que le doux parfum de café s’est glissé dans mes narines. Un moment de pur détente, à siroter mon café – que je bois habituellement froid avec des glaçons – mais qui là chaud, m’a totalement conquise. 

Et vous, comment aimez-vous votre café ?

Photos par ma jolie Cathy :)

mercredi 1 juillet 2015

We Love...

Hey guys ! Today we're sharing a new video we shot during our stay in Thailand.
This one is a Would You Rather tag and we had lots of fun imagining crazy situations :)
We hope you like it and subscribe to our Youtube channel !

 Yummy pineapple drinks :)

We are obsessed with the recent Moschino collections and looks presented on the runways. 
Pure Moschino vibe mixed with Jeremy Scott's pop culture inspiration.
We want everything !!!

mardi 30 juin 2015

Brave soul

Hey hey !

How would life be without the ones that make you smile, forget about the rain or that allow you to be yourself ?

Feeling greatful those days to be surrounded by inspiring people and most of all beloved by them. Life isn't about a quiet journey. I think it is quite a necessity to have been through bad times to finally know what is good for my heart and soul. 

Maybe you'll feel a little bit tired sometimes, like running up staires is always exhausting at first. And then, after a little time, you will be stronger to brave it. Don't forget: you can do anything from the moment you want it !

Fighting for projects and people that worth it, is - I guess - my favorite activity in life. Also, giving/sharing love & smile is something that doesn't cost a thing but it can fill in a lot of hearts out there.

What's your favorite thing in life ?