samedi 31 janvier 2015

Winter Layering

 Hi Stradi Girls and Boys :)

Today I'm sharing a total look from La Halle : the beautiful 27 Quai De Seine black men-style coat which is very warm and timeless. It's a must-have for your wardrobe ;) I chose to layer for this outfit because the days are really cold in Switzerland ! I'm wearing a La Halle white tshirt underneath a 27 Quai De Seine grey jacket (it feels so soft, it's incredible) and a La Halle denim shirt on top. I teamed this with black leggings and found a really cool necklace in the accessory line : it's made with black rope and golden hardware and it looks so chic and dress up any outfits ! 

Obviously, I couldn't help but fall in love with two items (even though I'm totally fond of everything)... It's this amazing bag from N by Naf Naf and it has this awesome lipstick print with a 70's vibe. It's just the most gorgeous thing ever ! Finally, this cutie little pair of camel suede booties with little tassels on the sides... They come from Creeks and they are just perfect !!! The have fake fur inside and a great sole which is important for a winter shoe. I almost didn't left them since I got 'em ;)

mercredi 28 janvier 2015

We Love: Cotton & Bass

Dear Stradi Girls & Boys !

Aujourd'hui, on vous parle de créateurs de la région. 

Après 18 ans passés sur la radio Couleur 3, Baby Blu, le plus ghetto de tous les Genevois, décide d'arrêter la radio pour se lancer un nouveau challenge accompagné de son bras droit Mark Angelil (qu'on connaît aussi pour ses productions musicales qui ont égayés notre jeunesse). Il crée alors Cotton & Bass, marque genevoise  bien sûre mais fabriquée en Californie, depuis trois ans déjà. 

Il signe avec un showroom à Los Angeles où sont maintenant disponibles ses créations. Et bien sûr, après les Suisses, se sont les célébrités internationales qui s'arrachent les t-shirts à messages, à l'inspiration urbaine. De Diplo, Mobb Deep, Disiz, Sizzla, YG, Orelsan ou encore Charlie Sheen, c'est maintenant au tour de Snoop Dogg de se faire ambassadeur de bonne volonté LOL pour cette marque au bel avenir.

Trash, artistique, moderne et rebel, Cotton & Bass nous séduit au travers de son éventail de produits tels que les débardeur, t-shirt ou bonnet mais surtout pour ses images et phrases décalées. Oh, et si vous voyez un sticker YOU ARE NOT DEAD YET dans la rue, n'oubliez pas de le poster sur les réseaux sociaux avec le hashtag #cottonandbass

Goodies disponibles sur le shop ICI !

mardi 27 janvier 2015

Pastel charms

Hello Stradi Girls & Boys !

We don't really know how and what to wear those days. One day, it's snowing out of hell and the other, the sun cuddles our skin (just a little but it's enough to feel the joy).

It was freezing the other day, so I put on my OH-SO-WARM-AND-SWEET pullover with that marble effect from LA HALLE (Modavista collection). Bright pants are perfect to match with. As my outfit was a lot light and pale, I chose to spice up a bit with that mustard bag - from the La Halle collection - that reminds the yellow touch on the sweatshirt. The biker boots are K by Kookai and are really perfect for every day. The leather is quite easy to shape. 27 Quai de Seine makes amazing stuff as this grey coat that fits with EVERYTHING ! Oh, and I almost forgot about the cute bracelets with charms. I love putting something feminine even if you're wearing something that doesn't show your curves.

Of course, you can shop this entire outfit in La Halle and make sure to check their new arrival here !