lundi 27 juillet 2015

Hey it's ok...

... if your first - and last - picnic of the year ended with a Frisbee to the face
... to swear you're sticking to water on that long-haul flight - then immediately order a G&T when the drinks trolley comes
... if your last look was totally inspired by Harper Beckham's, 3 years old
... to refuse to save things "for best". Life's too short
... if hearing your own voice is seriously off-putting. Do you really sound like that ? Argh
... if you can eat a "sharing" bag of Doritos on your own, no problem
... if you definitely, 100% need six bikinis for that three-day break
... to only fake tan up to the hem of your dress
... if you've got two dance moves - and you're sticking with them
... to swipe all the free sachets of coffee from your hotel room, even though you know you have better coffee at home

vendredi 24 juillet 2015

Video - Stradivarius XP #1

Hello everyone !

Today we're sharing a new video from our Youtube channel and we wanted to create a small series of videos called Stradivarius XP (for experience). Yup, we won't talk beauty products and fashion hauls, but mainly life stuff because we believe that's truly what it's all about : sharing experiences, adventures and points of view. Obviously, we can't wait for you to be a part of this and tell us everything about you !

This time, we talked about our favorite feelings and here's the list :

  • Taking off your bra/denim jean after a long day of work ! #freedom
  • When you touch someone you really really like and your heart goes crazy
  • During summertime, running under the hot rain <3
  • When you realize you're there for your friends, that you are a caring person
  • When you wake up and see he wrote you a morning text
  • Surpassing your fears, one small progress at a time
  • Finding a music that transports you, makes you feel in a music video ;)
We hope you feel like sharing your favorite feelings too !