lundi 9 mars 2015


 Glam time ;)
 Obsessed with this styling !

samedi 7 mars 2015

Topics - Baby hair and fugly accessorizes

We're all the same, we're all self-conscious, always complexing about a feature that maybe no one else sees. But we don't care about others, it's still bothering our soul.

I've always complexed about a small lock of hair right on my forehead, that I once cut as I believed it had nothing to do here... and it never really grew back. Autumn always calls it "baby hair" and she says it's normal and that nobody sees it. But I still care. So really, what a shock, when I saw the new DKNY ads in Glamour UK, with Cara Delevigne and her crew having a blast with styled baby hair. Seriously ? Am I supposed to follow the trend (since I already have the baby hair) and style it (with gel and everything ?)... I only need a second to think about it and the answer is definitely No ! I just wouldn't feel great wearing my baby hair like this, I would be EXTRA self-conscious about a freaking lock on my head (yeah, that's pretty much the pressure us girls take on, so that explains Britney's behaviors circa 2007).

On the other hand, I keep looking at the ad, and see that the whole crew is sporting the same kind of Japanese-wedges X urban-style-at-university shoes. This definition is too long, so I just call these kind of shoes the "disabled shoes". I've seen them in many stores and I don't know why but I love their orthopedic feel mixed with an Harajuku girl on crack.
Le freak, c'est chic.

So you see, I don't really know why I don't love styling and celebrating the baby hair, but that I adore the fugly pair of shoes. Sometimes it's fucking cool to be weird.

Tell us everything : your favorite/unfavorite trends ! We want to know !
Clockwise from top left : Jeffrey Campbell, Stella McCartney,
MM6 Maison Martin Margiela, Marni

mardi 3 mars 2015

Nail Art

As many girls, we are seriously obsessed with nail art and all the cool new stuff that brands offer us on the market.
Today we're sharing with you some of our tips and favourites, and also step-by-step manicures ;)

When you're doing your nails, it's always good to have your kit near you with all the products you need on display. Remember to wash your hands before and clean your nails and cuticules. When we're applying certain red colors that tend to "print" on the nails (sometimes when you remove certain color your nails are still a bit red-ish), to avoid this, we apply a coat of transparent polish to protect the nails. Then of course, some cool and colorful nail polish.

Our favourites are bright colors and also toned down shades like nude, or grey. We always put two coats at least. Sometimes when applying a really fluo color (or also if your color is not highly pigmented), we put a coat of white polish first so the colour will pop even more ! For the cherry on the cake, the glitters, the rhinestones, and so on.. There's so many things to play with that we can't decide... That's why we love to change our manicures so often ;) When the painting is done, we love to help it dry quickly, and even better than top coat dryer polish, we recently discovered the dry top coat drops, and we think that the drop and the formula really is what makes it work : it's not another layer of "paint" but just a single drop of liquid that feels a bit like oil and makes your nail dry almost instantly. A few minutes laters, we clean the oil on our fingers with a tissue and it's so shiny !!!