dimanche 19 février 2012


We came across a really cool platform : CELB COSMETICS where they sell different natural/bio beauty brands ! And let us tell you, it's really rare here in switzerland to find such platforms where everything you're looking for is put in one place where it's easy to order :)

We tried the Lime & Sage Blossom day cream which is awesome because it gives you a really fresh skin and it smells just like heaven ! Then we also tried two lip products because we're that kind of girls ;) The matt lipstick is really great and doesn't dry out the lips, plus the colors are simply marvellous. Here in shade 104 Velours.  Last but not least, the amazing chai spices lip balm !! Yes !! You read well ! Chai spices ! Amazing, right ? Just give it a try, you'll love it.

Another thing that sucks about living in Switzerland : when you can finally put your hands on your desired items, the prices are often over the top... but CELB Cosmetics is the place to shop because it's an amazing quality and totally affordable prices. Obviously, we looove !!!!

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