dimanche 27 mai 2012

Instagram #1

Here's a new category that we decided to share with you : our Instagram pictures !
You can follow us : @autumnazur and @summybaby !
Now it's time to let you get inspired by our trip to London, some more pictures will come real soon.

♥ Over the Switzerland clouds 
♥ Our old pictures in our first passport !
♥ Sailor time at Mac make-up
♥ Fruits salad everywhere
♥ A nice painting in Portobello
♥ Crushed, no words
♥ The Notthing Hill buildings
♥ Pretty food at the Portobello Market
♥ Angie rocking her Mickey hairdo !
♥ The Zara windows were incredible, full of flying birds
♥ Flower power
♥ Crunchy beed in a bird's nest

7 commentaires:

Estelle a dit…

J'adore ce billet instagram !

Anonyme a dit…

please, would you mind telling me how you create a collage with all the images??? I’ve been dying to figure it out!! thank you!

K a dit…

Love the spiked Lita

Anonyme a dit…

i love instagram

Anonyme a dit…

nice flowers

Summer Breeze a dit…

When you edit your post, set the pictures small and align them xoxo

Ben a dit…

Its my pleasure to declare you that I love your work. You are into a wonderful work. Keep up the work.And yes i have tweeted your site fashionandpeaceandlove.blogspot.com .