vendredi 22 juin 2012

Instagram #2


Can't stand the bad weather when it's supposed to be summertime,
seriously, how do you cope with that ? I'm staying busy making crafts and clothes alterations.
I guess everything in life needs a change !

♥ Preppy outfit + plastic bunny iPhone case
♥ Sailor car tree
♥ Old MacBook
♥ Baby cat spying
♥ San Benedetto tea, the best !
♥ Pretty flowers in the house
♥ So obsessed with quotes...
♥ Having a break at Autumn's place
♥ Neon windows
♥ Aztec DIY shorts
♥ One of my last readings, Thing of Beauty
♥ Mac & Cheese, yay !

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6 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

the Aztec shorts are amazing

Marine a dit…

amazing short !

Anaïs a dit…

Trop beau ce short!!!

Anonyme a dit…

elle vient d'ou la fourre de portable lapin

fran a dit…


Summer Breeze a dit…

eBay pour la fourre iPhone ;)