jeudi 26 juillet 2012

Hello Sailor

Hey everyone, just wanted to share this old look because it's one of my favorite.
Yup, I'm a huge sailor addict so I couldn't resist to buy this amazing detailled shirt in a vintage boutique.
Now it belongs to Nanie, it's totally her style <3
Sunglasses are vintage marine Wayfarer, the skirt comes from H&M and the flats from Zara

PS : I used this picture for a Tally Weijl contest, please feel free to vote for me by clicking the "like" button here (under the picture), it takes 1 second :)And you can also vote for Autumn here !

6 commentaires:

hailey a dit…

your shirt is really pretty

Anonyme a dit…

i love skirts from h&m too !

Angela a dit…

Jolie jupe! J'adore

Angela Donava

Kiki a dit…

How to enter the competition ?

Anonyme a dit…

Like the look

Emilie a dit…

J’adore ton look, canon comme il faut :)