dimanche 15 juillet 2012

Instagram #4

Hey, here's a bit of my instagram things :) come & check our photos.
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♥ Sea water in Sardaigna
♥ Delicious chicken wings and strawberry milkshake
♥ Turquoise nail polish and glitter
♥ Mozzarella&Tomato with a splendid salted muffin
♥ Sunrise in the morning
♥ Macchiato
♥ Stormy clouds
♥ Matt black nailpolish
♥ Double Dewey
♥ Coloured flowers
♥ Double Autumn
♥ Monbazillac wine

5 commentaires:

Carla a dit…


Alicia a dit…

where do you buy nyx nailpolish ?

Jorge a dit…

Love your pic beautiful

Anonyme a dit…

Really nice posts !

Autumn LaFleur Smith a dit…

I bought the NYX matt polish in a shop called MANOR in Switzerland. But maybe you can order it online ;)

Thank you all for the lovely comments :) <3