lundi 23 juillet 2012

Instagram #5

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Hope you guys enjoy it :)
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♥ Mini macarons
♥ IKEA magazine & Asos sunglasses
♥ Bicolor nails for summer
♥ Princess lamp hanging in my room
♥ MiuMiu DIY
♥ Horse cake with sparkles
♥ Shark tattoo
♥ Now stuff from NewLook
♥ Having a sweet frappucino with Autumn
♥ Girly time in the bath
♥ Cupcake box
♥ Flower craft 

6 commentaires:

Agathe a dit…

Comment tu fais pour recevoir le magasine Ikea ?

Anonyme a dit…

Nice prada shirt

Lucy a dit…

follow me on instagram lovelucy862

kathy a dit…


Lauren a dit…

LOve the horse cake!! And you have a great style and sense of humor!!

Loving your blog,

Summer Breeze a dit…

Thank you everyone :) <3
Agathe, pour recevoir le magazine il suffit de s'incrire à Ikea Family, et y'a pleins d'autres avantages ;)