dimanche 29 juillet 2012

Purple Noon

The other day was so brightful, I decided to take a trip in a field. I'm wearing an acid wash grey sweatshirt, a bordeaux legging, a random white shirt and a so-rock-and-roll hat, everything's coming from H&M. My sunglasses come from Primark, I love them, they are so hippie ahah :)

I made a little moodboard from my outfit:
Sunglasses/Linda Farrow

4 commentaires:

Nanie La Naine a dit…

Hippy style oh yeah ! :)

Christina a dit…

Hi sweetie, I love this outfit, you look so cute ;)
I hope you'll like my blog (HiHi ^^)
Kisses ♥


Chey a dit…

I love your sunglasses SO much !

Anonyme a dit…

love your outfits girl