mercredi 29 août 2012

Emerald Green

 Hi guys ! Wanted to share my pictures with you, the other day we went shopping with Angie and I found this emerald green slim, loved it instantly ! Sunglasses, tank and pants are from H&M, bought the bag in London last year. Ever seen such cutie loafers ?

lundi 27 août 2012

Yellow Diamond by Versace

Lovely Stradi Girls and Boys :)

I bought this new fragrance by Versace, called YELLOW DIAMOND. It smells so damn good, a touch between the litchi and some lemon and the bottle is really charming. 

Stradi Boys, you need to buy it for your girlfriend and for the Stradi Girls who don't have a boyfriend, you need to buy it yourself and I'm pretty sure it will help to get one ahah :) Joking!

dimanche 26 août 2012

Instagram #8


Hope you guys had a great weekend !
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♥ Italian pizza
Aldo sunglasses
♥ Kitty cat
♥ Ewan McGregor + rocket
♥ Baby cat
♥ Crafting around the world
♥ At the beach
♥ Sisters time, needed
♥ Yummy breakfast
♥ Tribal & Denim
♥ IKEA trolley
♥ Lipton limited edition

vendredi 24 août 2012


Hello Stradi Girls and Boys :)

Today I'm gonna introduce you a place that I love so much. A few days ago, I organized a beauty-glam-girly-spa moment for the birthday of a friend of mine. We went to the Pure Fish Spa in Lausanne, Portes St-Francois. The place is soooo glam and zen. There's a lot of blue and bubble that reminds the ocean. So, I offered a fish pedicure to my friend and I decided to do it either. It was so strange at first but then it was like a tickle under the foot. The fish doesn't bite at all. They are cute and soft :) 

When I arrived, I left my shoes in a box and a woman came to wash my feet with an antiseptic and gave me some slippers. Then I sat on this more-than-confortable chair and put my feet on the aquarium. It lasted 30 minutes.

As it was the birthday of my friend, I asked the Spa if it was possible to bring Champagne there and to drink it, like the USA girls do ahah! If you want to do something original, this is the place to go! Bring you mother, sister, BFF or girlfriend there !! The owner is really cheerful, kind and welcoming. You must to go there for the fish and for her :)

jeudi 23 août 2012

We Love...

 Dior Couture Fall 2012 make-up details, so inspiring !

A beautiful 18th century farmhouse in Sweden.
White, metal and wood give warmth to this place.
(Source : Planete Deco)

The new "Cool on your island" lookbook by Spell & the Gypsy collective 

Dope watercolors from Phillippine illustrator Daryl Feril

lundi 20 août 2012


If you have a sister, you should know how it is : stepping in her room, try her clothes for hours, giggles and Vodka time, pretending to be Lana Del Rey watching sheeps in a field, creating messy buns and fake tattoos, strawberries champagne and countless red cup photos ! That's a partyyy !
Didn't want to go to bed, thinking "YOLO (you only live once), we'll sleep when we're dead".

PS : we took a lot of stupid pictures, check them on our GIF page :)