mardi 7 août 2012

Carnivour - College is a RIPOFF

Hello Stradi Girls and Boys :)

Lately, I discovered this brand and I immediately fell in love with it. It's called CARNIVOUR. There's a few collection which are totally different but I can tell that I could wear all of them. Carnivour was found by the artist McFreshCreates. I love his universe. I especially love this collection named "College is a ripoff". This is such the truth!!

 You can check the website/online shop HERE :)
And the Instagram is so cool as well.

Eat the conventional x Spare the original. Consume Responsibly.

PhotoCredits: McFreshCreates

3 commentaires:

Jorge a dit…

So cool and nasty !

Mona a dit…

La bague rst trop folle <3

Nanie La Naine a dit…

Je connaissais pas du tout cette marque, c'est hot ! J'aiiime :)