samedi 4 août 2012

Cheese & Choc'

Be prepared, huge photos post ;)
The other day, we went to Gruyères, a beautiful town (Fribourg, Switzerland).
If you're visiting the country, it's a must-see !
The historical part is situated on top of a hill where it's only for pedestrians.
We stopped at "La Maison des Traditions" and sat on a balcony with
the most amazing view on the Pre-Alps where we ate a "Moitié-Moitié" cheese fondue.
The quote on the picture below says "Week without fondue, lost week" ;)
The town is really tiny but amazing, there's a very old castle and
lots of museums, shops and restaurants.
Look at the landscapes and picture The Lord of the Ring...
If you have time, you really need to visit the HR Giger Museum, he's the surrealist artist who developped the creatures in the Alien movies.
Adorable <3
 Picturing the Lord of the Rings right ?
 In the afternoon, we headed to Broc (only 10 minutes from Gruyères) where you'll find the Nestlé factory and "La Maison Cailler", the visits have been modernized and more interactive. It's not a museum but really a House that you visit room by room !

 First you enter a room where you learn how chocolate was discovered...
then how the factory and brands merged together...
Then the archives which were so inspiring !
After that, you enter in the factory part of the visit, the air smells so good :
a perfect scent of milk, nuts and cocoa ! 
If you're interested by the visits, don't forget to check out the websites links above for all the informations and there's a lot more to do in this region of beautiful Switzerland !

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Camille a dit…

Super cette idée de rubrique, j'adore

Wardan a dit…

Seems like a really nice day !

sorelle in style a dit…

What beautiful pictures! Cheese and chocolate are my two favorite things, so I must visit Switzerland some day! ;)

So nice to see fellow sister bloggers! Thanks for stopping by our blog, we're now happily following you girls!

Happy Sunday! :)

sorelle in style

Dreamy_days a dit…

I want to go now...

Anonyme a dit…

This is cool !!!