lundi 13 août 2012

Contest - SoVeny

Hello Stradi Girls & Boys!

So, as we said in our last post, TODAY is the big day :) We are launching our first contest, with the SoVeny brand, that we love so much. You can win a bow-tie ( the winner will choose between all of them ) perfect to be funky and original. To win it, it's really easy and simple, you gotta do this:

- Like & Share the SoVeny's Facebook page:
- Like & Share the Stradivariusisters' Facebook page:
- Answer this question in a comment: What do you like in our sisters'blog?
- Tell your favorite product in the SoVeny shop:

The contest will last until this sunday. Don't hesitate to share our blog or tell your sisters ahah ;)

Leave a comment below :)

8 commentaires:

Lu_LAmaZone a dit…

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!! C'EST TROP STYLéééé !! JE VEUX JE VEUX JE VEUX !! :D

Lu_LAmaZone a dit…

Ce que j'aime dans votre blog c'est votre brin de folie, votre originalité et surtout VOTRE VIDEO !!! j'attend la prochaine avec impatience !!! hahah puis sur le site je suis fan des tennis rose QUEEN, des noeuds pape et des cols :D

Sébastien Comes a dit…

se poster est génial

Fanny a dit…

trop beaux les noeuds :)

Joka a dit…

I shared this page on my page about giveaways :)
liked also as dzej pi

Joka a dit…

liked the other page as dzej pi :)

Joka a dit…

i ADOREEE headbands and jewelry :)

Joka a dit…

shared on
and I like all that girly stuff on sis blog :)