lundi 6 août 2012

Curvy Shapes

Hello StradiGirls :)

The other day, Summy and I went to our dad's birthday with all the family. We dressed well for the occasion. I'm wearing beige wedges from Zara. I especially love them because they are so cozy. I bought this tie-dye/bleached legging like 4 years ago in H&M. My clutch comes from New Look. I like those colors - beige / black / white - cause I'm too skinlight and bright colors like yellow or light blue make me look like a zombie. I like this look because it's both classy with the colors and funky with the legging.

4 commentaires:

Alessia a dit…

J'aime bien ce look, tres chic !

Jorge a dit…

Your shoes are phenomenal

Joyce Nk. a dit…


Nanie La Naine a dit…

J'avoue qu'en voyant ta tress ça me manque un peu de plus en refaire ahah !

T'es belle Autumn <3