samedi 11 août 2012

Instagram #7

Hello everyone !
Just a casual instagram post before I'm leaving for my holiday,
but stay tuned because Angie will still be updating this blog.....
.... aaaaaand, a contest is coming on Monday ! Yay !
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♥ New Essence nailpolishes
♥ Little Monster
♥ Morning meal and reading
♥ Golden belt and cheetah print !
♥ My favorite earcuff, feeling like Jules Cesare
♥ Bunny meal
♥ Insane shoes from H&M
♥ I love hats and vintage sunglasses :)
♥ Cutest baby monsters !!!
♥ Wise decor
♥ Kinder Maxi King :)
♥ Hermes tangerine box

2 commentaires:

Joyce Nk. a dit…

Je meurs pour le earcuff !!!!!!!!!! <3 (pourquoi je te follow pas sur instagram ???!!!)

Jessy a dit…

Oh dear your kittens are so cute i wanna stole one