dimanche 12 août 2012

The pretty SoVeny

Today, we are introducing you a young and talented artist coming from Paris. Hope you'll enjoy the post and stay tuned, there's a contest coming tomorrow :)

Stradi: Hello sweetie :) Can you tell us who you are?
Veny: Hi, my name is Veny. I'm 22 years old and I'm a student. I come from Congo but I live in France since I am 5yo.

Stradi: Can you tell our readers where they can contact you and find your creations?
Veny: You can find my creations on my online shop soveny.fr

Stradi: Where do you get your desire to create jewelry and accessories and your inspiration?
Veny: I always had the desire to make my own accessories because I wanted to distinguish the brands I draw my inspiration from blogs in fashion magazines.

Stradi: How long does it take you create in general?
Veny: It takes me about 1 hour to create my designs.

Stradi: What types of materials do you like working with?
Veny: I like working with studs, jean and wax.

Stradi: Can you describe your creation in a few words?
Veny: My creations are both modern, trendy and ethnic.

Stradi: What are you plans for the future?
Veny: Employ young designers so they can work for the brand, developing a men's collection, making more clothes are my plans for the future.

Stradi: What is the biggest fashion faux pas in your opinion?
Veny: White boots with a short.

Stradi: What is the essential to your wardrobe?
Veny: A 15cm high heels.

Stradi: What is your best seller?
Veny: It's the headband named Aphrodite.

Stradi: What is the SoVeny's philosophy?
Veny: Always surprise the customer.

Stradi Girls&Boys

Stay tuned cause tomorrow we'll launch the SoVeny contest :)

Hope ya'll ready hihi :)

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Jessy a dit…

The shorts are amaziiiiing i want them