dimanche 30 septembre 2012

The future is still unwritten

 New pants from H&M
 The trees can hear you if you talk to them
 Cutest wedges bought in Tokyo ♥ 偉大な !!!
 Pretty asian girls from Gysele magazine, yay !
Obsessed with dark green + golden jewelry !

jeudi 27 septembre 2012

Moodboard - VLL BLVCK

Jacket - Balmain
Pants - Emilio Pucci
Shoes - Steve Madden
Clutch - Oasis

Eye shadow - Vera Wang
Bangles - Mish Mash
Underwear - River Island
Lip wax - Giorgio Armani

Dress - Black Sheer
Sunglasses - Henry Holland
Nail Lacquer - Chanel

S. Delange

 Finally showing you one of my favorite pieces, like the ones you know you'll never throw away...
I got this jacket last year in Paris while visiting my sister. We had a cool day eating burgers and shopping in Le Marais, she told me to go in a vintage shop and look out for a jacket because she bought one weeks ago and I fell in love with the charming feeling of this item... 

So I go in and it's so crazy I'm feeling like it's kind of an achievement day (yes, the girl totally lost control). So anyway, I find the goddamn jacket and I think it's a call from God because I just found one with all the fancy army medals and grades. I bought it immediatly of course, then completely showing off with my cool-army-baby-jacket. In Paris, I believe every girl owns one of these jackets, but look at this one : soooo fancy ! I the shops, they usually remove all the cool stuff off the jackets... So everything was perfect until I came back to Switzerland, everyone asking me "So you're a sergeant ?" (Really ? Look at me...), or calls me "Chief", or military boys gazing, even the other day someone asked me like real questions about my past in the army. I mean... I can't explain, this jacket makes my life so funny !

There are all kind of great stuff put on it, I think it comes from the aviation part of the army, and there's even a grade saying 9, which is one of my favorite numbers (yeah, I know, you're wondering IS SHE SERIOUS ? the worst part ? I am !) but think about it : how cool is to find the perfect thing you want but with a sign of destiny on it ! It's magical !!! (you can see I get pretty emotional about this jacket, L0L !), wow it's a very long monologue here but I can do what I want because I'm Sergeant Delange, nananana ! I thought of doing a DIY on it, but can't accept the idea of altering this jacket and the story of Mr. Delange. S. Delange, I love you ! Thx 4 the kick-ass jacket !

Anyway, I guess I can say something like this for many items in this look, but it's gonna be another time ! The scarf actually belongs to Autumn but I'm wearing it most of the time, sorry sis' !!! Black jacket and pink tank from H&M, satchel bag from Primark and sneakers and leggings from River Island.

mardi 25 septembre 2012

Instagram #11

Here are some pictures of the past weeks...
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♥ Sardinian pasta
♥ My favorite sandals on earth
♥ Summer days with my sis'
♥ Inspiration collage
♥ Shorts, shorts, shorts !!!
♥ Autumn is such the perfect Minnie Mouse !
♥ Yummy yummy = happy belly
♥ Best. Slippers. Ever.
♥ Keel's diary in yellow
♥ Pink Pom drink, yay !
♥ Fruity popsicles
♥ This baaag !

samedi 22 septembre 2012

Hair nest and love of grey

Hello Stradi Girls and Boys ☺

Today I'm wearing a "draped effect" outfit. I wanted to play on that peplum trend ahah. I love this grey sweater from H&M with a little belt at the waist. Under the sweater, I'm wearing a jumpsuit, that I bought 2 years ago, from Asos. I like the effect on the front. The spike's earcuff comes from New Look. I think it's important to mark the waist when you got curves and it's really important to own your body and above all your hips !

vendredi 21 septembre 2012

Free Spirit

I wish everyone would stop to care. Make believe and pretention give me anxieties, I'm glad to think of myself as a free-spirit. Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn.
Be enthusiastic, make mistakes and stay true to yourself !
I wore H&M sweater and pants, Dorothy Perkins studded bag, and some very old Converse :)

jeudi 20 septembre 2012

We Love...

Pictures from Spell & The Gypsy Collective's blog,
such a perfect wedding, seriously, everything's in the details ;)

Bits of summer we don't want to leave...

The Crayola Mini Nail Polish collection, just awesome !
You can find it on FredFlare, love :)

The Fall 2012 Mulberry campaign stars a cool and fearless Lindsey Wixson and
her fluffy monsters-friends. So easy and playful, it kills !

Last but not least, a cute lil' video we shot this summer...
Love the track, it's by Frank Ocean :)