jeudi 13 septembre 2012

Instagram #10


Hope you're having a great week, guys !
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♥ Sunday habits
♥ Reading Pretty Little Liars
♥ Pink muffins baked by Autumn
♥ Lilac glitter nails and flower pants
♥ Arizona tea and homemade foccacia
♥ Autumn's new phone cover, cuuute
♥ Fav' sunglasses from London
♥ Python & Company
♥ Jelly sandals, still in love
♥ Working on a tshirt
♥ Sweet Mrs. Smith
♥ Pastel bobbins

3 commentaires:

Greta a dit…

Trop mignonne la fourre de iPhone je craque

Anonyme a dit…

Dingue les gateau rouges !

Floortje a dit…

The manicure looks really nice