mardi 4 septembre 2012

Instagram #9

Hope you guys had a great summer, I think it's over now :(  !
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♥ Sweet time with my DeweyLove
♥ Foolin' with the cat
♥ Dewey loves sleeping so much
♥ Cute light in my bedroom
♥ Glowing like J.Lo ahah
♥ TieDye purple manicure by myself
♥ Ryan Leslie, a pic that I made 2 years ago
♥ Dewey with my studded bracelet
♥ Classy manicure by myself
♥ Decoded x JayZ and candles
♥ Salmon and salad
♥ Dewey at the window

2 commentaires:

Julia a dit…

I like your hair :D

Klaudie a dit…

nice photo! :)