mardi 18 septembre 2012

We met... Kadia

Hello Stradi Girls and Boys ☺

Here is our new rubric called REPORTS where we meet known and unknown people who want to share their taste for fashion, art or music with us. So don't hesitate to contact us to appear in this new rubric dedicated to YOU!

The other day, we met Kadia, Miss Suisse Francophone, in Lausanne for a girly afternoon. She took us to Zara, H&M and to a frippery. She showed us what she likes, or doesn't like. Then, we went to a bar that's called The Arches. It's a really cool bar where you can chill for hours drinking beer and coca cola ahah. We had some girly chat and a lot of laughs. 

Kadia told us that she participated to the contest Miss Suisse Francophone after that her friend enrolled her. She won the contest and continued her studies in parallel. We asked her some questions to let you know her a little bit better. Her favorite designer is Alexander McQueen, Kadia thinks he's kind of crazy and got a lot of imagination. She would looooove to wear that Lady Gaga's shoes designed by him. She's inspired by street fashion, art, music and loves sewing, reading and doing sport. 

When Summy asked her where does she her shopping Kadia answered: 
"In Broadway AHAH, no for real I like to go to the frippery because I can find a lot of original things that the other people don't have". 

Her essentials fashion's pieces are her jewelry, she considers them like babies.

We can definitely say that Kadia is a really friendly and funny girl and we loved that moment so much

And thank you guys for following us, hope this post will pleased you.

Interview by Summy
Photos by Autumn

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bibi a dit…

elle a un beau regard

Joyce Nk. a dit…

J'aime beaucoup les photos ! ^^

Katia a dit…

Son blazer est magnifique ! il vient d'ou ? mercii

Anonyme a dit…

tres belle

Emilie a dit…

J'aime bien l'idée de cette article de nous montrer des gens tout différent et dautres horizon

Alex a dit…

her jacket is stunning

RowDamsel a dit…

Just love this post!!
The jacket is gorgeous!!