mardi 30 octobre 2012

Beauty Crush #1

Hello Stradi Girls and Boys !

Here's a video about beauty products, make up and girly stuff AHAH! We present you some products that we like to use.

Coming by order:

Dry Shampoo by Batiste, from Boots / London. Various smells and really easy to use when you're travelling or too busy to go in the shower. Spray, massage your hair and brush. CLEAN!

Hair Coloration by Syoss, Color "Noir-Bleuté" but not that blue effect. 14.- in Manor (okay I'm telling that the price in Switzerland is a bit high and comparing to France where coloration are about 5euro). We like Syoss so much, even for the laquer and shampoo.

Miss Caline hair creme GOT 2 BE, by Schwartzkopf. 15.- in Manor, apply after shower or dry hair. Autumn always laugh about silly thing that Summy says. Funny don't you think? AHAH!

Body Oil Q10, Nivea, 14.-. We prefere oil because it's more healthy, no additives. It's a BODY oil but I put it on my face too, it makes my skin sweeter and better and it's easier to apply foundation on.

Matting Day Creme, I AM, from MIGROS. 4.-, mango extracts, the smell is not too present.

Matt Foundation, by Catrice (only in MIGROS),  around 7.-, great covering for 24h. 

Stick Foundation, by Smashbox. Lips and Eyes. Long lasting.

Chat Chat Tint, by Benefit. Tint for lips and cheeks, mango extract. Summy loves the color AHAH!

GET BIG LASHES Mascara, by Essence. Less that 4.-. We love the curvy brush.

Thank you ALL for following us and our craziness! We love you !

lundi 29 octobre 2012

✽ ☺ ☯ SEAPUNK LOVE ☺ ☍ ♡

Hello Stradi Girls and Boys!

Here is a new outfit that comes directly from LONDON!! YAY! I turned my hair red/burgundy ( my new favorite color ) what do you think about it? I bought this super U.S. army at the vintage boutique Rokit, at Covent Garden, London. It was sooooo cheap I was amazed! My new creepers come from New Look, either the bracelet. I saw my beautiful friend Vanessa wearing a bindi and it totally inspired me and I tried too hihi. I definitely L.O.V.E. it! When I walk in the streets and see some indian people they smile at me so kindly! So, since I'm wearing my new hair color, a bindi and some creepers, Summy thinks that I'm a SeaPunk... Hum Hum! I don't think so, but it's ok.

samedi 27 octobre 2012

Instagram #13


Hey guys, back with more instagram pictures ;)
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♥ Stabilo pink clutch
♥ Perfect lunch
♥ Vintage sunglasses
♥ Tiny, tiny sewing machine
♥ Fluffy companions
♥ Chamane energy drink = heaven
♥ Crafty afternoon
♥ We're obsessed with this flavor !
♥ Cutest soaps ever :)
♥ Departures always feel good
♥ P-I-Z-Z-A !!!
♥ Up in the sky :)

vendredi 26 octobre 2012

Moodboard - Halloween

Just in case you're still looking for ideas and inspiration for Halloween,
here are some great and simple things you can do...

jeudi 25 octobre 2012

Hermès S/S 2013

Hello Stradi Girls and Boys !

Here are some photos from the Hermès' Spring/Summer 2013 men collection. I love the colors, materials and the cut of the clothes. This collection is really various, you can find something to wear on a date by the beach, to go out at night or to impress your boss at work. The entire collection seems to be so confortable to wear. 

I got a crush on that croco black t-shirt and that combo red-grey outfit. I definitely think that red is coming back on front! How great!!

mercredi 24 octobre 2012

We Love...


Miu Miu Fall 2012 make-up is genius.

Moschino Fall/Winter 2012 = perfect.

 Burgundy hair.

This Viktor&Rolf make-up is beautiful...

mardi 23 octobre 2012

Les jours d'octobre

 Days of October seems to always be the same : grey, cold and moody.
We took these pictures just after the rain stopped, we had luck, the sun was shining !
I bought this sweater at Vero Moda, it's a little bit longer on the back, I like it ;)
Leggings and creamy loafers are from Primark,
and this cutie panda ring comes from I'm your present's Etsy boutique.

lundi 22 octobre 2012

Romantic Chula

Hey lovely Stradi Girls and Boys !

Here is a special post, because we shooted a video and did some photos! I am OBSESSED with the song of Jay-Z and Kanye West called "H.A.M." and I really wanted to do a video on it. So I thought about my two faces (okay I got a LOT more than two ahah) as the sweet/feminin/strong part and the angry/rude/rough part. When I heard the classic-screaming part of the song, I found it nice for the "romantic" part, and the other part for the "chula" one.

A Chula is a latina girl, with the big eyebrow and dark lipstick. As a latina girl, I love that style. If I'd live in New York or somewhere else I definitely would be a real Chula.

Summy directed the video and her boyfriend helped us too. I truly thank them for following me in my craziness (it's not easy everyday) AHAH! I also do that PO PO PO sign, that I dedicated to my faya friends (they will recognize themselves).

In the first part of the video, I'm wearing an asymmetric skirt from New Look, a random white top, a bleached jacket from H&M/Divided and black wedges from New Look too. In the second part of the video, I'm wearing a vintage jeans jacket, a random black top, a striped leggings from KOKO available on New Look and some Vans. The jewelry come from New York, but you can find them easily at Claire's.

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