samedi 20 octobre 2012


Hey everyone, today we want to share with you a short video we made to explain you our goals with this blog, so here's a recap of the video ;) First, we want to thank you ! Every day we realize there are more and more of you reading this blog, and we are happy to share our point of view with you, all around the world ♥

With this blog, we want to share uncommon work, we won't publish outfit posts everyday because our blog is an open space for our numerous crushes so we love to use this place to share with you our love of inspiring people and creative minds, that's why we created the We met category, so if you're interested by meeting us to talk about what inspires you, don't hesitate to contact us ;)

Also, we really love the One Size Fits All category because we want to show that don't matter what your size is, you can dress up as you want even if glossy magazines don't say so ! We were inspired by the Terry Richardson shoot for V Magazine (we gave the link on this post : click !)

That's it for now but we will keep on posting short videos !
Oh, and don't you like the video's music ? It's Feel Better by Gotye, you can listen to it here !
You'll sure get motivated for the rest of the day :)

5 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Vous êtes trop mignonnes :D

Mardan a dit…

I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!

Strawberry a dit…

absolutetly adore the blog

Anonyme a dit…

Which camera do you use?

Autumn LaFleur Smith a dit…

for the video we used the camera/photobooth from the laptop and for the photos below we used a Canon PowerShot :)

thank you all for your comments, we love when you express yourself :) <3