mardi 30 octobre 2012

Beauty Crush #1

Hello Stradi Girls and Boys !

Here's a video about beauty products, make up and girly stuff AHAH! We present you some products that we like to use.

Coming by order:

Dry Shampoo by Batiste, from Boots / London. Various smells and really easy to use when you're travelling or too busy to go in the shower. Spray, massage your hair and brush. CLEAN!

Hair Coloration by Syoss, Color "Noir-Bleuté" but not that blue effect. 14.- in Manor (okay I'm telling that the price in Switzerland is a bit high and comparing to France where coloration are about 5euro). We like Syoss so much, even for the laquer and shampoo.

Miss Caline hair creme GOT 2 BE, by Schwartzkopf. 15.- in Manor, apply after shower or dry hair. Autumn always laugh about silly thing that Summy says. Funny don't you think? AHAH!

Body Oil Q10, Nivea, 14.-. We prefere oil because it's more healthy, no additives. It's a BODY oil but I put it on my face too, it makes my skin sweeter and better and it's easier to apply foundation on.

Matting Day Creme, I AM, from MIGROS. 4.-, mango extracts, the smell is not too present.

Matt Foundation, by Catrice (only in MIGROS),  around 7.-, great covering for 24h. 

Stick Foundation, by Smashbox. Lips and Eyes. Long lasting.

Chat Chat Tint, by Benefit. Tint for lips and cheeks, mango extract. Summy loves the color AHAH!

GET BIG LASHES Mascara, by Essence. Less that 4.-. We love the curvy brush.

Thank you ALL for following us and our craziness! We love you !

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Mary a dit…

toutes belles !

Anonyme a dit…

i like your videos

Me a dit…

So cute girrls!