jeudi 11 octobre 2012

Spike is the new hype

Hello dear Stradi Girls and Boys ☺

It's been a while that I didn't had the time to post anything. I apologize :)

I love wearing black, or "nature" colors cause I got a white/pale skin and bright colors don't really suit me. I mixed that all black outfit with "old gold" spikes earrings that I bought in New Look. My shirt and parka are coming from Primark. I specially love this parka because I can pack it in the pocket and it no longer takes place in my bag hihi ☺ So ingenious! I made this hairstyle with a donut and I crimped my hair. I opted for a nude make-up. 

Just to let you know that I opened my facebook page as a photographer HERE ☺ Don't hesitate to comment to let me know your thought. Thank you a LOT in advance!

2 commentaires:

Elena a dit…

I'm jealous of your earrings, where can I find them ?

Autumn LaFleur Smith a dit…

Elena: the earrings come from New Look. You can try to find them on their website ;)