dimanche 21 octobre 2012

Sisterhood is powerful.

We are happy to present you our new category called Topics, we will just post everything from our thoughts, crushes and advices ! Today we'll start with a list of things we absolutely love doing :
  • go on a roadtrip
  • explore new place
  • cooking homemade burgers
  • going to IKEA
  • serendipitous plans
  • running in the rain
  • transparent elevators
  • dancing freely
  • traveling in the off-season
  • talking at 3am
  • get henna tattoos
  • eat ice-creams
  • walk around the city
  • bake cupcakes
  • spend the day in our PJ's watching movies
  • using our powers for good (just like sisters Halliwell)

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1 commentaire:

Mardan a dit…

What a sweet post, I like lovely lists !