samedi 24 novembre 2012

Find your style

1. Find your own inspirations
The best thing to do is to open your eyes, a lot.
Read, watch movies, cut what you like in magazines, it can be a streetstyle look,
an artist's interview or a drawing. It's all about collecting what makes you think
about you and filing them to know exactly what you like about them.
Keep doing research and your vision will automatically grow !
2. Think
Focus and think about what kind of pieces you like, which colors and what shapes.
Make lists of things you love or hate, just to stay clear with your desires.
Don't be a poser, be a thinker !
There is no need to follow trends in a drastic way ; make your own trends.

3. Try !
Borrow your friend's clothes, and explore.
You'll soon find what you like or not and this will help
you understand your friends styles. Go vintage because you'll discover shapes
that aren't designed anymore and that might highlight your style.
Don't stick too much with magazines advices because to find your
personal style you will need your personal way.

4. Stand out and get noticed
It's the best way to show your personality and make people notice you.
Be different because you want to. Don't follow, just be yourself.
Someone said : "You were born an original, don't die a copy!"  so try something new !

5. Be fearless
It's only by making mistakes that you will learn to erase them. In the shops, try everything !
You just don't know ; some clothes might look bad on the ranks but will perfectly suits you
and you could also find out what's not to wear. You can't be perfect everytime so allow
yourself some time to dare and maybe make mistake. Also, you're only
young once so don't waste your time being afraid about what people
might think, and have the time of your life.

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