samedi 10 novembre 2012


 I've always been a notebooks collector, I even had a whole shelf to keep them all ! 
It takes some time to write into notebooks but it's such a cool thing, I couldn't imagine life without these dudes.
When you look back at them, it's so amazingly funny ! 

Do you have a diary or a notebook ?
How do you use it ?
I'd like to know so bad, I need more notebook ideas ;)
 I use this photography journal to keep track with projects and tips.
The stars notebook is used by both Autumn and me to share ideas for this blog :)
 In this pretty binder, I write down every kind of crafty projects I have in mind.
It helps a LOT !
 I use the Keel's Simple Diary to browse random daily thoughts,
it's just the perfect thing to brighten up your day after a sucky day.
Japan makes the most kawaii notebooks, obviously.
This one has blank sheets so I use it to draw.
 Of course I also have a looot of "scrapbook diaries" where I like to gather
pretty memories from my travels and fun adventures !

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Anonyme a dit…

i keep a diary since i'm 13 yo, i love it too

Mel a dit…

Moi j'ai un petit carnet que je garde toujours sur moi...