mardi 13 novembre 2012

Pink Box ♥

Last month, we were asked to try the Pink Box !!!
This box is feminine and practical, it's great for women who want to take care of themselves :)

Here's a video where we present each products we received :
- A You Nails Switzerland nails emery which is soft and does not attack nails
- A Derma Sel pearl and minerals face mask 
- The new Taft hairspray with keratin, a must-have for your hair !
- A Max Factor Xperience mascara, makes great lashes
- A FlorMar lipstick, shade 26 which looks like coral.

Many thanks to Stefanie from the Pink Box team :) 

2 commentaires:

Adeline a dit…

ahh tu peux pas la commander cette petite box en France ='( !

Summer Breeze a dit…

Oui en effet car c'est une boîte suisse (enfin, y'en a en Suisse) mais il y en a tout plein en France qui ont l'air super comme My Little Box, etc... ;)