samedi 3 novembre 2012

We Love... Christmas is coming!

Dear Stradi Girls and Boys !

As you know, Christmas is running to us, like every year. We always think that we got ENOUUUGH time to seek and buy some gifts for our lovely family and friends. But, NO, we are wrong! Because every year, something prevents us to run the city and do some intelligent purchases. Then we give some lame and disappointed gift to our family. 

Don't worry anymore! The Stradivariusisters got the solution! 
We're searching for YOU the fashionable-lovely-powerful-extraordinary gift! Here is a little selection, we'll update it until X-mas!

You can order the products directly by clicking on the link that we put. It's an easy way to buy faster 

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Healthy Skin Essentials - For Day / KIEHL'S
Top Coat Gold / O.P.I.  

Odessa tweed bouclé / ISABEL MARANT



Strike Jacket / ASOS

Socks / ASOS

Bomber Jacket Man / ASOS

Cairo Pyramid Wrap Watch / LA MER


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Jess a dit…

I really love your selection !