jeudi 14 février 2013

Graphic black

Hello Stradi Girls and Boys !

Here's a new outfit post. I hope you'll like it. I found that amazing scarf at H&M, I love the graphic design and the black/white mixed with that orange. I'm wearing basic black top-jacket-leggings. I really love black those days, maybe it's the weather that makes me wear dark things. I had a crush on these earrings that I bought in Manor Jewelry (Switzerland) but I got the same in gold from TopShop so maybe you can find them there. The bag comes from PRIMARK. The handcuff are in aluminium recycled from H&M and the boots come from Newlook.

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3 commentaires:

Leo a dit…

Ton sac est vraiment super mignon, c'est où Primark ?

Anonyme a dit…

I love your posts, all beautiful

Autumn LaFleur Smith a dit…

Leo: Primark est une marque anglaise. Il y'en a deux à Londres sur Oxford Street et la rumeur court qu'il devrait s'en ouvrir un à Paris courant 2013 ;)