jeudi 7 mars 2013

Instagram #19


Hope you guys are great today, we are wondering who's using Instagram
since we spend our time snapping pics all day,
so just share with us your username, we'd be happy to follow you !!!

♥ Cuddling time with the cat
♥ Pretty building covered with snow
♥ Caramel macchiato : one of the ultimate best !
♥ Stripes and dots
♥ Arizona drinks taste like heaven
♥ Perfect dinner time !
♥ Seriously addicted to company mag, #reallove
♥ Hello Kitty rosette handcream from Japan
♥ Got the greatest sample out of all ! yay
♥ Homemade burgers, it's my shit !
♥ Perfect weather for a scrapbooking session ;)
♥ I mean... Autumn's my goddess, I love her *-*

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