samedi 23 mars 2013

We Love...

Seriously, every piece is a revolutionary staple, in every collection there's a story about the past and the future.
Oh my god, if I were rich, I would dress up head to toe in Moschino !!!!
(my adrenalin is sooo high when I think Moschino !!!)

Always so amazed by Garance Doré's videos, she's the best !
Love what she says about fashion becoming part of the pop culture + the fact that high street is present during Fashion Week, I think it's great because okay Haute Couture is an art but seriously who can actually buy these clothes ? Not that I wouldn't want to, but in the real world, there are like maybe 90% of people like me who can only fantasize about it and still have to dress up every morning. That's why I love high street brands' direction to offer us great designs for a great price.
Moving on to.... HATS ! Yay !
Autumn and I are huge, huge, huge hats fans, so here's a special hats-collage I made
with a story about hats (from an old H&M magazine) it's worth a read, you can click to enlarge ;)

 Mara Hoffman, yes please !!!

Dreaming of sick pastel braids...

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