lundi 15 avril 2013

10 ways to embrace Spring

Yay it's spring ! Obviously it's not that hard to enjoy this season
but here are some great ideas to welcome spring !!!

1) Let's just start by buying new books. Seriously, am I the only one who gets adrenalin rush while buying sheets of paper ? Even notebooks are better than a rollecoaster for me (isn't that weird?!)... But new books, they just smell like spring !
And they make you happy !
 2) It's the perfect time to showcase your most amazing stickers and fake tattoos.
3) Spring always means new nailpolish !
 4) Shorts. I mean, do I need to explain ? 

5) Go on a hike and enjoy the beautiful landscapes and nature that surround you.
6) Just gathering some useless stuff for an afternoon at the park or at the beach.
Buy a new awesome bikini.
Spend the afternoon listening to great funky tunes.
7) If it's raining, don't be sad because you can wear your chunky sweater with shorts
and we bet you'll love it !

8) Have a weekend trip ! Even in a city near you home, it's always fun !

9) Go to a festival. Seriously, it's the best.
 10) Take some Polaroids on wild nights !

2 commentaires:

Andy a dit…

Can you do a haul with your new clothes ?

At-w a dit…

Le short blanc il a l'air juste trop beau !!