dimanche 7 avril 2013

Instagram #21

Hi beautiful ! Today, we are having a huge new !
Tomorrow we'll appear in Migros Magazine which is available in Switzerland.
If you miss it, we'll make sure to post the article
on the blog and on our Facebook page, here !

Here are our Instagram's : @autumnazur and @summybaby

♥ Amazing story and cover artwork !
♥ Sisters' love
♥ Off to new adventures
♥ Hiking afternoon
♥ Spikes and leopard
♥ Nick Miller is my spirit animal
♥ My face when a seaweed touches my leg
♥ Kawaii Vespa scooter omg !!!
♥ Starbucks at the airport
♥ Big bears are beautiful !
♥ Guess which one I chose
♥ Wedges babies <3

1 commentaire:

Marielle a dit…

Très bel article dans le magazine migros ! Jolie découverte