samedi 29 juin 2013

Instagram #25

Hey everyone ! Today we are sharing some recent Instagram pictures !
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♥ Book and lemonade
♥ At the beer factory, yay
♥ Red loafers
♥ Childhood heroes, the Olsen twins
♥ Writing in a nice chinese notebook
♥ Packing with style
♥ My name on a Coke bottle
♥ Wildest girl
♥ Strawberry snack
♥ Watermelon for breakfast
♥ This cat loves tshirts too !
♥ Sunny combo !

jeudi 27 juin 2013

Pumped Up Kicks

 Furry leopard loafers and the Teen Vogue handbook, perfect match !
 Round sunglasses are mad, we're glad.
 La Mortuacienne famous syrups.
 Versace box, great for random stuff
Aloe vera plant, grapefruit lemonade and a good book.

mardi 25 juin 2013



Simple pleasure #3 : getting lost in a good book.

  • It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be, by Paul Arden is a bible in the advertisment and creative fields, but if you love thinking outside the box, I would absolutely recommend to read it !
  • My Future Listography is a list-maker book that will help you to list all your desires, habits to break and a lot of other things ! Plus it's filled with inspiring illustrations. By Lisa Nola.
  • Neon Angel is the autobiography of Cherrie Curie, the lead singer of the Runaways. To know everything about these kick-ass rock'n'roll chicks (pictures inside !), get your hands on this book ! Also, Cherrie went trhough a lot in her life and her story could be relevant to many young girls' stories :)
  • Secrets Of Stylists is a guide by Grace Mirabella to guide you into the fabulous world of stylism. It's really, really helpful and contains lots of insiders stories.
  • Just Kids by Patti Smith is one of my all-time favourite books. Mold breakers, poetry, deep feelings, everything in this piece is so intense ! By far, one of the most amazing books I've read.
  • Kiss Heaven Goodbye by Tasmina Perry is your perfect "tanning on the beach" chick-lit book. It's a massive story that reminded me of Revenge, full of secrets and lies. Just couldn't stop reading it !

jeudi 20 juin 2013

Earth Rays

 These pictures were taken at a place filled with big stones called menhir, near the beach.
I love this place because it's really special and weird at the same time !
As usual I'm wearing a vintage military jacket, H&M dress, belt and earrings, 
high top sneakers from River Island and my blue padlock bag from London.

mardi 18 juin 2013

Hey, it's okay...

If you read Cosmo UK, you must surely love the Hey, it's OK page. We do !
Here are some of our favorite lines from it ;-)

... to have leftover pizza fo breakfast and cereal for dinner. Wrong time + laziness = extra yum
... to say no to frisbee, golf, windsurfing or anything that will take you away from your towel, novel and beverage. 
Sunbathing is an activity.
... if you're still writing 2012 on everything.
... to organize a night out just because your new shoes need a debut.
... to scale seven flights of stairs in heels to avoid taking the lift with your boss. You need the exercise anyway.
... to drop the "for H&M" when someone asks where your top is from.
When you queued that long, you're allowed to say it's Marni.
... if you feel like you need a holiday even more after your holiday.
... to have a "painting the house" jumper and a "walk in the country" jeans but no plans to do either activity.
... to wear the same outfit to all of your summer weddings. Everyone knows it's all about the bride's dress anyway.
... ordering a third drink just because the bartender is cute.
... not wanting to expand your musical tastes outside of Lady GaGa.
... staying up until sunrise just because.
... to get ridiculously excited about new stationery. The joy of a fresh blank notebook ? Unparalleled.
... to refuse to be embarassed by anything on your iPod. S Club 7 were huge in their day.
... to read the dessert options before the starter options.
... laying around and accomplishing nothing on your day off.
... wearing Uggs and forgetting the haters.
... putting your hands in the air when Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ comes on despite not being single.
... only buying magazines for the pretty pictures.

samedi 15 juin 2013

Moodboard - Tropical Heat + Zalando Giveaway Winner announced !

 We hope you're all finally getting into this year's vibrant holiday mood, even from work !
With all the pretty colors we can wear, we really think that we should enjoy the summer coming soon
with colorful shoes, insane nail art and exotic drinks (cocktails are good, too !)
By the way, we absolutely love tropical prints, so Miami ;-)

Also, congratulations to Sarah who won the Zalando giveaway 50CHF !
Hope you can find some great pieces for the hot days and nights of summer <3

mercredi 12 juin 2013


 Well, yeah... Here I am again with another graphic tee...
I know, guys, I can't help it but when I saw Garance Doré's DIY on her blog, I saw it as a sign because I fell in love with this Philip Lim tshirt and always wanted to do something like this ! I recommend you to watch the video, it's just a great DIY ;-)

I'm wearing this new treasure with my Zara knitted jacket, H&M leggings, Claire's fringed boots (I know... really not the best quality shoes, but for 5$ I mean ?) and Autumn's pink satchel from NewLook. I know some people say it's the ultimate faux-pas to match your lipstick to your bag, but I guess I just like to break the rules ;-)

mardi 11 juin 2013

Instagram #24

This is a London special Instagram post, so we hope you like it !
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♥ London trip traditions
♥ Notthing Hill
♥ Crunchy beef in a bird's nest
♥ Le Comptoir Libanais in South Kensington
♥ Pretty macarons !
♥ Honey Boo Boo <3
♥ Victoria & Albert museum
♥ David Bowie is... a genius
♥ Bought those really pretty earrings
♥ Limeade with fresh mint
♥ Our squirrel friend
♥ Perfect lunch in Covent Garden