mardi 4 juin 2013


Hello Stradi Girls and Boys!

It's been a while I didn't post anything. I had some issues with my laptop. No more internet.

So here I am back! I'm wearing one of my favorite grey trousers. I bought it a few years ago in H&M. It's so comfortable that it seems like a pajama. The "CHAT NELL" t-shirt is from us. I had the idea and Summy painted it. I love it so much HIII! The cap comes from C&A Men. Jewels come from PRIMARK, H&M & CLAIRE'S. The shades come from H&M. I recently bought these Air Force 1. I used to have the same when I was like 15 yo AHAH! We can really say that they are ageless.

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Ellie a dit…

your sunglasses are rad, girl !