mardi 18 juin 2013

Hey, it's okay...

If you read Cosmo UK, you must surely love the Hey, it's OK page. We do !
Here are some of our favorite lines from it ;-)

... to have leftover pizza fo breakfast and cereal for dinner. Wrong time + laziness = extra yum
... to say no to frisbee, golf, windsurfing or anything that will take you away from your towel, novel and beverage. 
Sunbathing is an activity.
... if you're still writing 2012 on everything.
... to organize a night out just because your new shoes need a debut.
... to scale seven flights of stairs in heels to avoid taking the lift with your boss. You need the exercise anyway.
... to drop the "for H&M" when someone asks where your top is from.
When you queued that long, you're allowed to say it's Marni.
... if you feel like you need a holiday even more after your holiday.
... to have a "painting the house" jumper and a "walk in the country" jeans but no plans to do either activity.
... to wear the same outfit to all of your summer weddings. Everyone knows it's all about the bride's dress anyway.
... ordering a third drink just because the bartender is cute.
... not wanting to expand your musical tastes outside of Lady GaGa.
... staying up until sunrise just because.
... to get ridiculously excited about new stationery. The joy of a fresh blank notebook ? Unparalleled.
... to refuse to be embarassed by anything on your iPod. S Club 7 were huge in their day.
... to read the dessert options before the starter options.
... laying around and accomplishing nothing on your day off.
... wearing Uggs and forgetting the haters.
... putting your hands in the air when Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ comes on despite not being single.
... only buying magazines for the pretty pictures.

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LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Now i have perfect exuses!

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Love the drawing <3