dimanche 2 juin 2013

London Calling

Once again, I've spent a few days in London with my mom.
Sadly, Autumn couldn't make it, but it gives us a really good reason to go back very soon !
We stayed at the Columbia Hotel on Lancaster Street, just in front of Hyde Park.
It's really a beautiful place near Oxford Street, so if you're looking for a great hotel,
I would advice you the Columbia ;)
As always we went to Portobello Road, walking around the stalls and eating at Rossopomodoro, an Italian restaurant.
I think it's really one of my favourite places in London because there's such a cool creative vibe mixed with a kind of nostalgia that makes it quite out of time.
Hyde Park is also a really majestic place where you can wander for hours, amazed by all its beauty.
It was the first time I went to Westminster where I finally saw Big Ben, the Parliament House and London Eye.
The architecture of the buildings is to die for but the crowd around London Eye is really touristic,
so I tend to avoid that ; I just prefer to walk along the Thames :)
We went to Soho a few times because it's a funky part of the city, I love its energy !
Look at the awesome heels below, they are from an exhibition called Tortuous Soles ;)
 Of course, we also went to Covent Garden  for the food market where we ate lunch from a farmer's catering.
The market takes place on Thursdays and it's a must-taste if you love food :)
 This time, we finally managed to go to South Kensigton which has a marvellous underground building and loads
of places to eat (Le Comptoir Libanais, Muriel's Kitchen) but we didn't stop because we had another goal : get tickets for the
David Bowie Is... exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Sadly we couldn't take pictures inside, but if you love Bowie, I advice to go because it really is a unique experience. Below, a picture of the museum's garden. Pretty, right ?
Amongst all the things we did, we really wanted to find Neal's Yard (from Soho, on Neal's Street) which is a wonderful quiet place in the Soho area where you can sit and chill and look at all the crazy colors while eating great food. What else ?

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