samedi 15 juin 2013

Moodboard - Tropical Heat + Zalando Giveaway Winner announced !

 We hope you're all finally getting into this year's vibrant holiday mood, even from work !
With all the pretty colors we can wear, we really think that we should enjoy the summer coming soon
with colorful shoes, insane nail art and exotic drinks (cocktails are good, too !)
By the way, we absolutely love tropical prints, so Miami ;-)

Also, congratulations to Sarah who won the Zalando giveaway 50CHF !
Hope you can find some great pieces for the hot days and nights of summer <3

2 commentaires:

korting zalando a dit…

Het is altijd verstandig om deze aanbiedingen te gebruiken.

korting zalando a dit…

Prachtige collectie, die klanten inspireert veel.