mercredi 12 juin 2013


 Well, yeah... Here I am again with another graphic tee...
I know, guys, I can't help it but when I saw Garance Doré's DIY on her blog, I saw it as a sign because I fell in love with this Philip Lim tshirt and always wanted to do something like this ! I recommend you to watch the video, it's just a great DIY ;-)

I'm wearing this new treasure with my Zara knitted jacket, H&M leggings, Claire's fringed boots (I know... really not the best quality shoes, but for 5$ I mean ?) and Autumn's pink satchel from NewLook. I know some people say it's the ultimate faux-pas to match your lipstick to your bag, but I guess I just like to break the rules ;-)

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Coline Chavaroche a dit…

j'adore le sac!


Coline ♡