samedi 13 juillet 2013

About curves and changing mentality

Model Justine Legault, Elle Quebec, May 2013

A few years ago, Glamour US put Lizzie Miller, a plus-size model. The pictures were un-retouched and her confidence's got her numerous fans. Also she seemed fulfilled and so damn sexy. The magazine received thousands of letters, emails, all saying they did the right thing and hoped it would continue in the future. It's easy to understand why we all get seduced, because we can finally relate to these women ! They're not perfect but they're beautiful. So why bother with size zero and juice diets ? Trying to fit in the tiny mold of what's called "beauty" or "sexy" will only lead us to failure and guilt. Guilty for what ? For loving life and who you are ? So, of course, we're more than happy to see that more big names in the "art industry" are trying to break the rules and pursue what Lizzie Miller and all the others began. We love the Curvy chronicle in Glamour UK and seeing more voluptuous ladies on magazine covers. What do you think about it ? PS : look at Rebel Wilson's ! She's the most perfect bad ass princess ever ! Love her <3

Actress Rebel Wilson, Glamour UK, July 2013

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Gabe a dit…

I love the first model she looks a bit like Monica belucci