jeudi 25 juillet 2013


My most favorite fashion pieces ever are definitely t-shirts. Ever since I started to choose my own clothes, I always tend to gravitate to the t-shirt section even though I really don't need another one. But I guess t-shirts are my staples as jeans are for others.

As a child, our parents made us draw on our t-shirts to make them our own, I remember having a neon turtle one which was fantastic and I can't help it : I kept it. We never know. My kids could love this vintage tee, right ? Also, whenever my dad wanted to clean his wardrobe, he would give us the t-shirts because he's also a tee-addict. That's how I got this awesome NYC taxi one which is embellished with big gems. It's so cool and I will never throw it away ! So, that's why I wanted to create this short video, to pay a tribute to my love of T-shirts. I also discovered that t-shirts are a whole world of fanciness and genius. The most simple garnment (white cotton, thread) can be altered infinitely. The t-shirt really is a medium. You can express yourself, show your love or invite to rebel. It can be a piece of art with unlimited tools to embellish it. Seriously, I'm so proud to call myself in this Generation T thing. With my three-digits collection, I guess I'm a great member ;-) I had to choose not to show all my tshirts otherwise this video would have been endless !

There are a lot of DIY t-shirts that I made over the years, and the video starts with my very first one : an homage to having my life on a t-shirt. I have to admit I let myself go a little bit too much on this one... Everything about this t-shirt I love, even though it's really ridiculous. "I'm so cool I even wanna be me" on the collar, well, yes that's true ;-) The magical princess crown day on my birthday, I can't even imagine how this went in my head, but this is such part of my life that I can only cherish it. 

Do you love T-shirts like we do ? What kind of tee do you like ? What's your most crazy t-shirt ?
Do you DIY your own tshirts ? What stuff do you use ? Pencils, paint, printing ? We want to know !!!

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