jeudi 4 juillet 2013

Let me be your blue Valentine.

Hello Stradi Girls and Boys !

These past few days, I'm in a good mood, feeling the sun - when he shows up - the love around me and soon, HOLIDAYS!!

I didn't know what to wear for this look, so Summy choose up for me. Sometimes, it's really hard to make some outfit, even if we have a tons of clothes. You know, girls...
So she choose an OOOOOOLD zebra leggings that I bought at H&M, like 10 years ago (okay, not that much but nearly). Then she picked up that blue shirt from PRIMARK, a silver clutch that I bought at the sale in H&M for only 5.- (NO WAY!!) ! I'm wearing the same old shoes (New Look) and jacket (PRIMARK) that I love so much.

I hope that you liked this outfit. You can follow us on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM :)

See you guys !

1 commentaire:

Pink B. a dit…

Très joli outfit et j'aime vraiment ta coiffure un peu messy !