lundi 29 juillet 2013

Moodboard - Neon Love

 It's summer, so of course, it's the right time to wear those neon items that we love so much !
We're obessing over neon leather bags and princess dresses just like these two below from
which look just perfect, yet simple and easy with elegant sparkles. The purple is the "Robe simple violette" and
the pink one is "Robe chic soirée". The lenght is great, it with make you look taller, and if you like bandeau dresses,
you will love the sparkling belt that accentuates your waistline on the purple number.
Also, if you prefer not to show too much of your shoulders, you will love
the glittering shoulder pads that really are princess-y !
We love the fact that the dresses have zips on the back, it's always better to slip in and nice detail ;-)

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