lundi 19 août 2013

Inspiration #6

If you are still looking for a unique kind of swimsuit, here you go !
We just discovered the brand Minimale Animale which makes really edgy pieces.
The two swimsuits above are from their Spring 2013 collection and we loooove them !
The white one is called Junk Love and the black is the Stephanie one.

This summer, we went to Biarritz (France) and we had LOADS of fun together, as this video shows.
Yep, we're pretty crazy, hope it'll help you have a good day ;-)

 How genius is this dress ? We're obsessed.

 We just can't stop staring at model Magdalena's unique beauty.
Her outfit and make-up are definitely on our mind for this autumn !

Just can't get enough of Fashgif tumblr ! 
Here are our three favourites :)

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