mercredi 28 août 2013

Inspiration #7

 Crazy in love with those sunglasses...
 ... and we wouldn't say no to these pretty shoes !
 We also like the shape of these two dresses from
The colors are beautiful (and they're both available in other shades!), the lenghts are perfect
and we appreciate the feminity of the sheer fabrics. What do you think ?
The navy is the Jupiter robe courte and we adore the form of the up part with the heart bustier,
it's so chic and elegant, plus it's made from organza and mousseline so it just feels like the perfect
girl treat, right ? The white dress is Robe été courte, but it's not just a summer dress ; you can also wear it during autumn/winter with tights underneath. The Peter Pan collar is really cute and it makes us think of Spencer Hastings' style on #PLL <3
The colors of this editorial are delightful !!!
Rag & Bone leather belt - Monki "Alli" skirt - Balenciaga extra small saddle bag - Primark hat -
NewLook cat ring - Primark yellow dress - Oasis blue bracelet -
Ter Et Bantine balloon sweater - Primark limited edition boots

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