jeudi 22 août 2013

Moodboard - Wedding

 We love summer as a wedding's season, so we decided to make a moodboard.
First, we need to say, we're obsessed with Emma's wedding from A Beautiful Mess,
look at the handmade dress and happiness on their faces !
If you're looking for a wedding gown or a bridesmaid dress, don't forget to
check first, they have incredible pieces for great price ;-)
The first on the left is called Robe de mariée Empire and has an amazing
embroided bustier and the second on the right is Robe de mariée moderne and we fell in love
with the texture of the dress, and also the fact that it's a high-low kind of dress. It's trendy and romantic and flowy.
Each dress cost less than 200euros and you can even choose the color if you don't want a white wedding ;)
Which is your favourite one ?

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