samedi 10 août 2013

Plouf !

 I am obsessed with beach cover ups, so I was glad to wear this Asos piece which is a bright orange sundress with bat-sleeves and a drop cut-out. So easy to throw on ! The sunglasses are from H&M, and they're a real must-have to me because my eyes are very fragile and I need to protect them. The denim sneakers come from NewLook, I had a crush on the small silver dots which make these shoes a bit more interesting. And the Plouf ! beach bag was made by Trumpet By Meister, I really love the cool pattern and anything with a catchy phrase, plus there's nothing better than a cotton tote bag for the beach ! I invite you to check out the website for more bags, they're all unique and handmade with love !
Thank you Vanessa :) ❤

2 commentaires:

Aline a dit…

J'adore la robe, tr¨s chouette

Lisa a dit…

Le petit sac est magnifique (: