dimanche 29 septembre 2013

Nude + Contouring Make-Up

Hello Stradi Girls !

Here's a little video bout how to make a nude-classic make-up with some contouring.
I used make-up products from Essence, H&M, Catrice. I'm not using make-up like eyeshadow or lipstick every day, I prefer to apply just a little bit of mascara and some blush. But sometimes, girls need to take care of themselves and beautify their face (and body also). We always feel better and prettier when we get a pretty make-up on (unless it's failed ahah).

I'm not quite a professional with make-up but I like to try, so if you guys have any idea or question, you can write to us ☺
We will post other make-up tutorial (celebrities, runaway and many more)

I'm wearing a cheetah blouse from PRIMARK and a chunky chain from Topshop.

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