mercredi 11 septembre 2013

Style-Lab for Edelweiss Look #1

 Last month, we had the chance to take part to the Style-Lab organized by Edelweiss Magazine.
The concept was to let Swiss bloggers style their own outfits with some 100% swiss designers pieces.
This is a preview of all the amazing stuff you'll see at the Showroom Edelweiss which will take place in Geneva
at the Tiffany Hotel from October 11th to October 13th.

You can watch our picture and interview on Edelweiss website here !
We had LOADS of fun during this day and met some cool people so we want to thank the Edelweiss team :
Vanessa, Sarah and Adrien, and also Vanessa, our photographer for the day and Juliette Henrioud,
her photo assistant. It was so much fun working with them all :)
Vanessa and Juliette, teamed with others cool chicks are working on a rad fanzine called Le Dévaloir.
They use it to promote the work of Swiss artists and you should check out
the website and their blog to have a glimpse of the stuff !

We were so glad to play and touch all these amazing clothes, and we are so happy to see more swiss designers, we can't wait to discover more. This look is our favourite because we fell in love with the marble pieces and that's a trend that we are loving for this fall season. That's a fact, we love colors, but we really worship some cool, edgy monochromes from time to time. So stone-like marble colors will be perfect for a black and white look. We love this print because it's laid-back yet still seems like such a precious fabric. Also, we were totally inspired by chula gurls (if you remember Autumn's video ;)
We love everything about cool, weird, independent chicks ❤


Vintage bandana
H&M beanie, neclace, bangles, leggings
Berenik marble sweater
Nike Air Force


New Yorker summer beanie
HEAD bijoux by Claire Bolay necklace
RS Hader skeleton shirt
H&M tank top
Primark studs bracelet
River Island sneakers

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Bubbly things a dit…

Joli article ! J'aime beaucoup la petite vidéo. Vos photos et vos looks sont vraiment sympa.
Des mimis

Cynthia a dit…

Je suis totallement obsedee par votre style de ouf ! vous assurez :)

Périne a dit…

Superbes looks!

Fiona a dit…

I really enjoyed yur video

Maxi a dit…

Vous êtes trop belle les filles ;-)

Marine a dit…

Le leggings est juste a tomber, j'adore cette effet tye die

Agatha2601 a dit…

joli make up!