lundi 2 septembre 2013

the motion.

Hello Stradi Girls and Boys !

I'm so in love with black - white and stripes that every day I've been compared to Beetle Juice or Robin Thicke !! Ahah !

Here's a new look that I'm almost wearing all the time. Can't wait for autumn's day to come by, thus I could wear my jacket from C&A without being too hot. The jeans and the hat come from H&M. I'm still wearing my aluminium recycled bangles after all this time :)
Striped shoes are coming from ZARA, as the red clutch, that I'm selling if you're interested in (write us a mail).

This AMAZING lipstick comes from ESSENCE make-up. It's a matt lipstick that stays all day long without making your lips look like crust or dry.

During this shooting, I couldn't help but move and close my eyes because there was too much sun in my face AHAH !

3 commentaires:

Cynthia a dit…

j'adore ce look

Mirela a dit…

Le perfecto est juste magnifique j'en cherche un depus longtemp j'vais aller voir a C et a, merci !

Sophie a dit…

Bel ensemble, très mignon